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Breathe New Life Doujin

Breathe New Life Doujin

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It’s already been a week since Nathan and Naoko started dating. They met at a local coffee shop where Naoko works.

Nathan loves the cafe. The coffee aroma, the light rays from the window, and the best part is, there’s not many people that know they serve the best coffee here. 

As usual, Nathan went into the coffee shop to get a nice quiet afternoon coffee. Greeted by Naoko with her rare smile, he eventually sits down in his favorite spot at the cafe.

While waiting for his coffee, Nathan wonders if he could go further with Naoko, this whole week, Nathan has been walking Naoko home from work as a 'date', nothing more, nothing else. Now he wants to know Naoko better.

How would their relationship turn out? Find out in this lovely romantic doujin about these two sweethearts.


  • Artist: Lynus
  • Total Page: 32
  • B&W
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