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Love, Tears & Sand

Love, Tears & Sand

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Love, Tears & Sand is a tropical yuri light novel about two young women that overcome objections, fears and struggles to find true happiness in paradise.


Ayumi Hosha, a young adult girl who spent her entire life living on an island now desires to save enough money to move to a city on the mainland, and Kanoko Sen, a rich girl who has everything she could ever hope for. The story unfolds as fate connects them when they meet one day in the shop where Ayumi works. How will Ayumi react knowing Kanoko's feeling for her? Discover how they both overcome their fears, objections, and struggles through everything to come to one epic romantic conclusion packed with sexy Yuri Hentai action.

16 Full-Color Illustration, over 230 pages! Includes the extra BDSM Chapter from reaching the stretch goal.

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