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Noble Love 2

Noble Love 2

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Join Aoi and Sakura as they embark on a new mission after the events of  Noble Love. They meet old friends and make new allies to hunt down their ultimate enemy, Kiku. Written by experienced writer Kishou, storyboard by SabataTheOne and illustrated by talented artist 雪代あるて. It's a samurai-themed vanilla light novel and the illustrations will be fully uncensored!

Purchase the first volume of the series in paperback here.


Sakura and Aoi’s first official mission was cut short by an act of terrorism when the Shogun’s daughter was kidnapped. And the culprit was none other than Kiku, Sakura’s older sister, who had supposedly died years ago.

 The SSF is on high alert to find Kiku, with Sakura forced to consult an old friend to aid in the search. When Kiku is eventually found again, the mystery behind her return and her goals leave more questions than answers, and Sakura must make a choice. To kill a traitor to restore family honor, or to save her sister. Meanwhile, Aoi and Sakura push the boundaries of their forbidden bond, where their feelings grow beyond a mere entanglement of lovemaking. With the pressure of a civil war on the horizon, a secret of their own folly comes closer to being revealed, and the consequences that follow are the most severe. The lines are drawn. What is worth fighting for? Can they defeat Kiku? Who is a friend or foe? And how far will Aoi and Sakura go for their mutual love?


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