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When Days Rewind Special: Senji's School Trip

When Days Rewind Special: Senji's School Trip

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When Days Rewind series is back with our first special, an official original doujin for the series in English. It will be a 16-page doujin featuring the characters from When Days Rewind with our popular character Senji Kanda. It is a long-awaited and heavily requested project from our fans, and we are happy to deliver. It'll be fully uncensored. The illustrations will be drawn by Magukappu.


Senji Kanda takes her class, along with Sachi Yuzuka and Yurika Koike to an overseas school trip in Los Angeles, USA. Trouble begins when she noticed a group of gangsters in the area who grow interested in Sachi and Yurika. It's not long before she finds out their plan. Knowing that it's her responsibility, how far is Senji willing to go to save her beloved students?

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